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Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as adsorbents. 
The term Zeolite ( the boiling stone)  was originally coined in 1756 by Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, who observed that upon rapidly heating the material stilbite, it produced large amounts of steam from the water that had been adsorbed by the material. Based on this, he called the material zeolite, from the Greek ζέω (zeō), meaning "boil" and λίθος (lithos), meaning "stone".
As of January 2008, 175 unique zeolite frameworks have been identified, and over 40 naturally occurring zeolite frameworks are known. 
Zeolites are widely used in industry for water purification, as catalysts, and in nuclear reprocessing. They are also used in medicine as antiviral agents ant heavy metals detoxifiers.

Zeolit® Powder is GRAS ( Generally Recognized As Safe) according to US-FDA . It is an 100% natural detoxifier, antiviral, and a heavy metal absorbent.


The Zeolit® - Detoxifying Powder, is a natural product, free of  synthetic components,. 
It is used by non-conventional medicine due to its antiviral proprieties, and especially because of the P21 enzyme activation.
As being the only negative-charged mineral in nature, it is trapping the free-radicals, toxins and viral particles, locking them in this cage-like structure, releasing the beneficial calcium, magnesium sodium, potassium ions in the blood stream .
Zeolit® ensnares and cancels nitrosamines in the digestive tract. Nitrosamines are cancer causing agents found in processed meats.
Heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic are extremely toxic to the body and unfortunately they can be found anywhere in our society. Zeolite is a unique and complex structure like a honeycomb. All these channels and cavities act as a trap catching it, and then eliminating all toxins from the body naturally.
Operating mechanism of Zeolit® against cancer cells is unique, unlike any other substance studied. Theoretically, it has the rare ability to attract large amounts of positively charged toxins, indirectly neutralizing the effect of causing cancer. During the process, Zeolit® develops a slight positive charge.
What we can say is that Zeolit®   has a chelating effect in removing heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other positively charged toxins from the system.
What makes this possible is negatively charged Zeolit® crystal structure.
These crystals act as traps, with positive ions inside.
These positive ions replace positively charged toxins from the body and tying her tight and eliminating them completely. One of the benefits of this attachment is eliminating 100% of them. Heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides leave the body; they are not stored anywhere in the body. Zeolit®   catches 40% of heavy metals in the gastrointestinal tract and 60% of the toxins from the bloodstream at the cellular level.
Zeolit® absorption power was proven during the Chernobyl disaster when a huge quantity of it was used to remove radioactive cesium and strontium-90 before they can contaminate local water system.
Acting primarily as a chelator, Zeolit® trapped these radioactive minerals in the crystalline structure trap.
It seems that Zeolit® remove toxins from the body in a hierarchical order. He works primarily in removing lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. The first phase may last from one to four weeks. Then Zeolit® removes toxins with high priority secondary including pesticides, herbicides and plastics. It seems that Zeolit® increases the percentage of glucose in liver function by activating the second phase of glucuronidation (liver toxins). This eliminates herbicides, pesticides and xeno-estrogens fron the body and eliminating them in the urine. Interestingly, it neutralizes the harmful effects of aflatoxins. The second phase may last another   four to six weeks.
The third function of Zeolit®  is to ensnare the pre-virus components thereby preventing virus multiplication and its ability to make us sick. In this way, Zeolit®  may play an important role as a broad-spectrum antiviral.The third phase may last another  two to four weeks.
The mechanism is: viruses are made of particles (sub-virale particles), which in the final stage of "assembly" creates the virus, that body itself.
Zeolit® absorbs viral parts into the pores of Zeolit® micronized aggregates. 
This explains why Zeolit® seems to block the development of any viral infections such as virus herpetic1, Coxsackie’s virus B-5, ECCO-virus 7, and adeno virus 5.

Forty anecdotal cases of herpes zoster have healed; patients are freed from the unbearable pain in one to three days after administration of Zeolite. Testimony recounted cases reported effects of elimination and healing of colds, flu, fever, hepatitis C virus, heavy metals that produced multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. It seems that antiviral effect of Zeolit®  occur while starting a preventive function by about four to six weeks of use when heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides were almost all eliminated.
So it seems that in many cases and antiviral effect can be seen immediately.
Zeolit®  is also a unique antioxidant. An antioxidant usually absorbs excess free radicals because they have a free electron pair. On the other hand, Zeolit®  traps free radicals in catching its complex structure and eliminating them deactivating them. Thus it operates in addition to traditional antioxidant action. 
Additionally, Zeolit® directs the body to increase alkalinity by establishing a pH level somewhere between 7.35 and 7.45, the optimal pH body.

Body pH influences both immunity and brain function. 
An acid pH (7.34 or lower) creates conditions favoring cancer. 
In an acid medium and functioning brain cells is also impaired, causing depression, anxiety, stupor, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations and even psychosis.

Also Zeolit® seems to balance the immune system or descending raising body pH to bring the best values. 
Although its exact mechanism is not fully understood, this function is by far very important in a world where most people's immune system is seriously compromised. 
As with so much powder Zeolit® remove different types of toxins in the body naturally increases energy and health. 
Users feel an improvement in mental clarity, a sense of peace, well being and happiness. These are what we call, "beneficial side effects. For example, removing heavy metals from the body, magnesium is allowed to interact more effectively tri-phosphate adenosine (ATP), the body's biological energy source. When this interaction is optimal, the body has more energy and felt well-being. A study has shown that Zeolit®  also it seems that increase serotonin levels, which is known to help alleviate some forms of depression.

Extraordinary health benefits of  Zeolit®  :

    * Absorbs free radicals
    * Activates P21 gene, the gene that seems to stop the growth of tumors through direct cancellation signals growth.
    * Powerful antioxidant with beneficial effects on the immune system.
    * Balances the body's acidity bringing it to the optimum values.
    * Remove toxins and heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, pesticides, viruses, etc.).
    * Provides a feeling of mental clarity, improving the general wellbeing
    * Non-toxic and 100% Natural


The recommended dose is 1-3 teaspoons 1-3 times per day (5 to 15 grams per dose).
Container contains 350 grams (+ / - 10%), enough for one months use.
As a supplement to normal use, can be given a teaspoon per day. For a more pronounced detoxification, the dose may be doubled or even more. When doses increased, is increasing the volume of fluid intake recommended, as is the sensation of thirst, a characteristic sign of detoxification.