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Zeolite is a mineral composed millions of years ago, by depositing on the primary ocean's  floor of volcanic ash, carried many hundred of miles through the atmosphere, filtered through the pure air, then through  the  ocean's water as pure as never again in hystory , followed by a genesis that lasted millions of years,  these precious deposits have traveled with other rocks underground, to emerge as transformed into a mineral with unique properties on the planet.

World known dozens of types of zeolites with different structures and chemical compositions, but human therapy uses only one called clinoptilolite.

Name of zeolite minerals was given by Swedish Fredrik Axel Cronstedt and comes from ancient Greek, where ze means "to boil" and lithos meaning "stone." So in the version history of the zeolite would mean "boiling stone" designation resulted from its spectacular property to absorb over 15% water, then by heating it, occurring the phenomenon of "boiling" due to the evaporation.

Use of zeolite in therapy is a thousand  years old tradition; this mineral is an important remedy in Ayurvedic (Indian traditional medicine) and traditional Chinese medicine, folk medicine but also in Russian popular medicine.