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Unlike his predecessors, modern man is forced to live in a more polluted environment full of pollutants and toxins, toxins that attack the body's only for defense organ :the skin.

Thus, there is only common dust powder on the street, but is a complex mixture of  toxic heavy metals, aggressive chemicals,  suspensions, and industrial gases, exhaust gases, unburned hydrocarbons containing additives based on lead and mercury, these compounds, creating a thick blanket of polluted air just above the floor, attacking both lungs and the exposed skin.

Women, especially, with more sensitive skin felt acutely this aggression, thus being forced to pay more attention to skin care.

This is why the skin must be kept in a state of perfect health, away as possible of chemical and biological factors that may impair it's health.

For centuries, the healing effects of zeolites were used for cleansing, detoxification, repair, refresh and beautify the skin.

Micronised particles of zeolite, due to very high negative load, attract positively charged toxins and neutralize them. These harmful toxins leaving your body simply helping to detoxify the skin.

The result obtained is an improvement and restored  skin's immunity, slowing the aging process, increases oxygen absorption capacity and thus increasing energy and cellular health of skin.

Activated zeolite has proven antioxidative action, detoxification and immune stimulation on the skin. Nano-particles quickly get in contact with skin and helps to accelerate cell regeneration.

Zeolite powder is 10 times stronger in action because of special patented technology.

Great difference between clay cosmetic masks and the ones using  zeolite is precisely that these masks are absorbing the toxic ions, by zeolite and then removed once with the mask.

Interaction defects with negative ions in zeolite mask creates a sense of balance, relaxation and good mood, negative ions balance the pH level and strong antioxidant effect of micronized zeolite produces undeniable benefits in beauty treatments and skin care products.

Application of zeolite mask help to protect  the skin from constant attacks by free radicals and inflammation and is beneficial to collagen and skin elasticity.

What matters primarily is the absorption, storage and neutralization of toxins .Together with  the  skin detoxifiation ,it  nourishes the skin with mineral zeolite active.

Considered an excellent active ingredient, it is designed to nourish skin throughout the whole day as a deep cleaner  for face and body.

Zeolite will ensnare, will absorb and neutralize toxins inside the mask during application and when it is removed all the toxins will be removed and the skin will remain fresh, clean and renewable.

Skin suffering from a major deficiency of minerals and four essential minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and the rest of micronized zeolite minerals in powder form, to help restore normal levels of alkaline pH.

Minerals are necessary to correct pH, so the skin immune system can function properly.

Because toxins, acids can increase the output of system parameters and can cause the pH reached acid.When  this happens your body will be deprived of certain minerals and it may be the beginning of skin and body problems.

By restoring the body pH alkaline zeolite helps increase energy, increase the amount of oxygen inhaled and allow normal functioning of the immune system and thus is an excellent product for sensitive and irritated skin.

However, best results are obtained when normal skin or oily skin . If the skin is  weak, asphyxia, the strong detoxification of zeolite can cause mild irritation.

However, in all cases, detoxifying mask the zeolite will be followed by a hydrating mask, which nourish the skin after detoxification.

Product package  : activated, micronized zeolite powder, 300 gram bottle, suitable for 20 face masks.