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It is good to know that nutrition is an environmental factor that greatly affects health.

Chemical compounds resulting from the metabolism may deplete the body's ability to adapt, and the cellular imbalances can occur which manifest themselves in, physically irreversible.

More and more theory states that aging processes are caused by toxins, particularly free radicals. They are highly reactive molecules with an electron in its outer shell, which makes them very unstable and dangerous substances in terms of chemistry. And this because of damage caused to cell and tissue level.

Food fast, the easiest way to detoxification

To eliminate energy blockages and achieve health is essential to eliminate sources of free radicals and / or toxins resulting from metabolism.One method is to eliminate animal fats and proteins from food, meaning the fast. It is recommended that it start gradually fasts a day, three days, seven days up to 42 days.

Return to regular diet will be gradually increasing in a time period equal to the job.

Antioxidants, a cure for toxins

The second method is the elimination of free radicals with antioxidants resulted from natural vitamins (A, C, E and coenzyme Q10) and food supplements containing natural minerals derived from volcanic rock - zeolite.

Zeolite,  has a microporous structure composed of nanotubes which absorb and neutralize free radicals, promotes removal of toxins from the body, improves the cellular energy state (after electron transfer zeolite-free radicals) and normalizes electrostatic charge of the cell membrane.

The mineral has regulatory action of blood pH level has a positive action on the development and activation of lymphocytes and stimulates the immune system.

Zeolite mineral reduces oxidative stress

Zeolite-containing supplements are recommended to treat patients suffering from certain diseases.

Gastrointestinal disorders: as realized normalization prevents gastric secretion and spastic contractions and pain.It also has almost instant effect in dihareea.

Cardiovascular disease: normalize the heart rate, blood pressure, normalize blood cholesterol levels.

Central nervous system disorders: muscle tension and eliminate muscle spasms, epileptic attacks, reduce risk, is positive action when muscular dystrophies are in early stages.

Liver and kidney: favors in the normal parameters of liver function and kidney, decrease in transaminase levels, bilirubin, urea and creatinine by improving metabolism and circulation.It also kills the viruses extremely efficient .

Tumor diseases: during and after chemotherapy treatment, reduce the need for analgesics and narcotics, increases blood iron levels, favors restoring red blood cells.

For healthy people, it is recommended to improve the quality of life: toxins, removal of oxidative stress, decreased the degree of aging of cells and tissues, increase physical and mental performance. If athletes, muscle reduces fever.

Zeolite has no toxic effects or adverse reactions. Is an antiviral, detoxifying, antioxidant and very effective immunomodulator. Is atomized and activated by thermomechanical processing to improve the physical and chemical properties. Thus increases its active surface and the power absorption and ion transfer.

Product :activated,  micronized zeolite powder, 200 gram bottle