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Price: 80 RON



External use:  is recommended to treat fungal foot infections, burns, for quick closure of small wounds  as a disinfectant because of its bacteriostatic action as detoxifier because of its absorption at removing odors, as an aid in the treatment of various skin disorders .

As a result it offers an  optimal improvement of immunity, eliminating free radicals and restoring skin irritations, slowing the aging process, increase capacity of oxygen absorption and thus increase energy.

Because of its bacteriologic effect, Zeolit(r) powder is highly effective in fighting fungal infections, dermatitis and other specific diseases especially of  sportspeople or people performing intense physical or performing in environments conducive to the development of these skin conditions.

Internal use: while treating skin diseases, internal detoxification is recommended to the categories of persons who, because of intense effort may ​​need an additional detoxification.

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Presentation: pure  micronized zeolite, 300 grams container.